Indonesia Travel Guide and Tourist Information

Indonesia is a beautiful country with thousands of great travel destinations. Consist of thousands island, beach, and a lot of great place to spend and enjoy your travel.

There are a lot of great travel destinations in Indonesia. One of the best place is Bali, the paradise island. Another great travel destinations in Indonesia is Komodo island (world 7 wonder nomination), Bunaken, wakatobi, toba lake, raja ampat, and much more.

Besides having a beautiful travel destinations, Indonesia also has a remarkable culture: thousands of ethnic, regional language, traditional dances, traditional musical instruments, and handy crafts. One of the traditional clothes which include “world heritage” is Batik. All you can enjoy when traveling to Indonesia.

To get more information about Indonesia travel guide and tourism information, you can visit the official Indonesia travel guide at: www.Indonesia.Travel

Happy Traveling!

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