Where to go for Christmas in Europe?

Christmas in Europe

Published on : 18 September 20173 min reading time

Break the habit of staying home and explore some exceptional places you’ve ever seen for the holiday season. Have an experience of a lifetime by celebrating Christmas in Europe. There are tons of reasons to spend Christmas in Europe.

Manchester, England

Visiting Manchester is an integral part of Christmas in England. If you are looking for the best Christmas party, Manchester is home to some amazing events this holiday season. You will be singing, dancing, and raging all night. There are also famous Christmas markets in Manchester, with various carnival rides, diverse shows, performers and magicians. Authentic food and beverage are also available, along with assorted sweets. For example, you can expect to find some of the best gifts in Albert Square, in front of Manchester Town Hall. Those who can’t wait until Christmas Eve to get all of their shopping done, don’t miss Manchester Christmas Markets in St Ann’s Square. Moreover, there are hundreds of stalls selling everything from antiques and jewelry to art.

Cannes, France

Christmas in Cannes is the stuff dreams are made of. Take a stroll along the Christmas village, all decked out in sumptuous trees, and decorations. It also morphs the city into a gastronomic wonderland. What else? Enjoy an abundance of top-notch bars and restaurants. Head to Notre Dame de Bonne Esperance to attend special church services. But how to get around? There’s no better way to get around the city than with a luxury rental car in Cannes during Christmas. Furthermore, when you’re behind the wheel, you will be able to visit all the points of interest in Christmas. If you want to stay in Cannes until the New Year’s Eve, then ring in the new year by staying up until midnight to see the fireworks show welcoming 2018!

Dresden, Germany

Dresden is a stunning place to celebrate Christmas. See the spectacular Christmas Parade through the historical Old Town. Explore elegant places to shop. As a matter of fact, you will find it all in Dresden, where the Christmas markets make for postcard-perfect scenes. Take a break from the shopping and enjoy the spirit of the holidays. There’s a good chance you will find the famous Dresdner Pflaumentoffel. Besides, just coming to see the lights are worth the trip. There are also so many restaurants, so self-catering is a really good choice.

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is great for walking, dining out, dancing and enjoying many other activities. Dig into December 2017 events in Brussels. Experience the festive atmosphere and unique ambiance of the Winter Wonders from 24 November till 31 December 2017 in the centre of Brussels. During five weeks, lights, perfumes, colorful stalls, gourmet gifts, and treats could be found during the event. Bring the whole family and taste all sorts of different things like the Ferris wheel,  and merry-go-rounds. Don’t miss out on any chance to see the magnificent fir tree and show on the façade of the St Catherine church.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has some of the most unique holiday parades. Giraffes, camels, elephants will be a part of the original parade processions. There are few places in the world where you can celebrate the birth of Jesus, but Barcelona happens to be one of them. You can attend Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. Every year, almost all the places of worship in the city go out of their way to share in the spirit the Christmas celebrations. At last, the city has many classical and gospel Christmas concerts in December that are worth checking out.

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