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Like most of the west coast towns and isles, Arcachon is a beautiful inlet that lies in between the bay and the ocean with its breathtaking rural landscapes, little secluded villages and to die for cuisine.

Arcachon is very much the early 20th century version of the Hampton’s with a medieval French and Italian flavor. if you come by it, you won’t think about leaving for a long time, so here’s our Tips for choosing the perfect accommodation.

Arcachon in few words

Set in the southwestern France, the Arcachon bay is a famous bathing location, bordered by the Atlantic and composed of 10 gorgeous towns : Arcachona, La Teste de Buch, Gujan­Mestras, Le Teich, Biganos, Audenge, Lanton, Andernos­les­Bains, Arès and Lège­Cap Ferret.

What you need to know when choosing an accommodation

Finding a really good accommodation in Arcachon or any other destination for that matter mainly depends on your needs and preferences when it comes to lodging. If you’re looking for world­class luxury and comfort for a relaxing holiday break away from the city, looking for a place where everything you want and need is in the palm of your hand, you’ll find your haven at the various luxurious Hotels and guest houses on the sea­side or at the heart of the 20th century city.

However if you’re planning a budget friendly holiday and not really picky about where you’ll rest your head on the small hours of the night, there’s an abundance of Rentals and B&B that are very much affordable.

If you’re thinking about staying in a different village each night, diverse camp­sides are widespread on the whole Arcachon bay, Tents, mobile homes or chalets, you have your pick with a very cheap price.

When is th best time to go

What’s pretty amazing about the Arcachon Basin is that it’s an all year travel destination with a perfect weather nearly constant the whole year, you can go whenever you please without fear of freezing in the European winter weather or burning in the heaving Temperature of Southern European summer. It is advised though to visit the Bay in low season to fully enjoy the luxury of peace and quite in the country­side away of the usual rush of tourists each summer to the coasts of France. accommodations are much cheaper as well once the high season comes to an end, so you can enjoy a beautiful luxurious lodging in an affordable price.

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